825 Software Version History

Update Packs

The information below shows update information organized into update packages. It is generally recommended that 825 indicators should be updated using the update packs.

Update Pack 01.12.018 2018-03-29

OS: 01.12.018 Loader: 1.09.011 MB: 1.20.006

  • OS - Updated ID Storage app.

Update Pack 01.12.017 2017-10-13

OS: 01.12.017 Loader: 1.09.011 MB: 1.20.006

  • Loader - Improved ICAN diagnostics/fine span.
  • OS - Updated built-in applications.
  • MnBd - Updated to allow multi repeat and repeating scoreboard or other output simultaneously.

Update Pack 01.12.016 2015-09-14

OS: 01.12.016 Loader: 1.09.009 MB: 1.20.004

  • OS - Updated built-in applications.

Update Pack 01.12.015 2014-08-26

OS: 01.12.015 Loader: 1.09.009 MB: 1.20.004

  • Loader - Added "Startup Settings" option to the "Preferences" menu. This option provide a prompt "Auto start time" to set the starting value for the count-down to automatically start application mode. The option "Auto start always" is provided. Selecting "Yes" will cause the count-down to start again if you return to the main screen from another loader screen. The "Bypass Update and Test Option" prompt may be selected "Yes" to prevent the "U = Update T = Test" from appearing when starting application mode. Added “Trim” column to ICAN individual cell fine span screen. The "Trim" column will show the change to the cell trim as adjustments are made. The coarse span adjustment keys are changed from '+' and '-' to ‘C’ and ‘V’ to eliminate problems with getting the shift state wrong.
  • OS - If the loader "Bypass Update and Test Option" is selected "Yes" during startup the display will show ">>>>>" to indicate that this option is being bypassed. The "U" and "T" keys will be ignored. To do an update it will be necessary to return to the loader settings and set this option back to "No" and then start up again. Improved the mnbd-comm driver so that if an application is doing multi repeat to get weight, and another application such as the weight server makes weight requests there will not be additional weight requests sent to the main board. The multi repeat weight will be used for both applications. The weight server remote control security is improved for use with the RemoteWeigh mobile app. The "/dev/ttyACM0" through "/dev/ttyACM3" and "/dev/ttyUSB0" through "/dev/ttyUSB3" device nodes are added for use with experimental USB serial adapter devices. This is currently an unsupported feature. The USB host ports are supported only for use with keyboards, printer, and USB flash memory.

Update Pack 01.12.014 2013-08-23

OS: 01.12.014 Loader: 1.09.007 MB: 1.20.004

  • OS - Improved startup process to check every 10 seconds for up to two minutes to make sure NAND is done mounting before it checks for a custom startup script.

Update Pack 01.12.013 2013-06-28

OS: 01.12.013 Loader: 1.09.007 MB: 1.20.004

  • OS - Updated mainboard communications driver to handle repeating ICAN individual cell weights for various numbers of platforms. Previous versions were configured for three platforms.

Update Pack 01.12.012 2013-04-18

OS: 01.12.012 Loader: 1.09.007 MB: 1.20.004

  • Loader - Added prompts to network configuration screen to allow web server port "P:" to be specified and "NAND:" to be selected "Yes" or "No". If nand is selected web server files will be served from nand to allow customization.
  • OS - Updated startup process to alter /etc/conf/boa.conf appropriately if the loader settings for web server port is not 80 or nand is set to yes. This replaces previous method of copying boa.conf from /mnt/nand/cfg which sometimes did not work.

Update Pack 01.12.011 2013-02-15

OS: 01.12.011 Loader: 1.09.006 MB: 1.20.004

  • Loader - Improved DAC setup.
  • OS - Fixed problem with rc.local not copying custom boa.conf file if specified.
  • MnBd - Improved scale step feature to allow real-time DIO off for fast weight done, slow starting.

Update Pack 01.12.010 2012-08-20

OS: 01.12.010 Loader: 1.09.004 MB: 1.20.003

  • OS - Configuration program was not allowing COM4 to be selected for ticket outputs. (Main boards Rev B. 2012 and newer have a COM4 port).

Update Pack 01.12.009 2012-08-07

OS: 01.12.009 Loader: 1.09.004 MB: 1.20.003

  • OS - Updates to ID storage for NTEP. Updated flash update program so that "Proceed (Y/N)?" allows upper or lower case "Y" to confirm.
  • MnBd - Resolved issue that with OIML enabled and using ICAN COM3 OIML weight output was not working.

Update Pack 01.12.008 2012-07-23

OS: 01.12.008 Loader: 1.09.004 MB: 1.20.002

  • OS - Fixed problem that full USB HID support was not enabled causing USB keyboards to not work with previous release..

Update Pack 01.12.007 2012-07-18

OS: 01.12.007 Loader: 1.09.004 MB: 1.20.002

  • Loader - Updated to display verisons in xx.yy.zzz format where xx is metrologically significant change. Updated to set OPI CTS to receive mode to correspond to main board update to use RTS/CTS to signal start of message. Improved ICAN diagnostics - Will display message to check cable and power when CAN bus error occurs.
  • OS - Updated to be based on uClinux OS version 2.6.29. This allows for CIFS network mounting to Windows shares. Telnet is now available. Mnbdcomm communication driver is improved to use raw non maskable interrupts for UART and DMA transfers. This prevents problem with UART overruns causing CRC errors. Also uses RTS/CTS signal from main board when multi drop mode is disabled. Configuration apps and standard indicator apps now run out of NOR flash for greater security. Appmenu display is changed to show icons and allow for signed dealer apps to show name of dealer that wrote the app as required for OIML.
  • MnBd - Updated to raise OPI CTS to during first character transmission of message to OPI board when multi drop mode is disabled. Updated OPI will use this to verify message synchronization when multi drop mode is disabled. Disabling multi drop mode seems to prevent problem with MCF5213 UART sometimes going into non-recoverable repeating transmission of data. Updated scale step mode to allow for digital output to be turned off when slow fill is finished.

Update Pack 2011-10-18

OS: 2011-02-18 Loader: 1.08v MB: 1.17

  • Loader - Fixed problem that with more than six scale cards the parameters screen might incorrectly show and set the parameters for scale six if scale seven or above is selected.

Update Pack 2011-02-18

OS: 2011-02-18 Loader: 1.08s MB: 1.17

  • OS - Fixed problem that if touch screen beep feature is enabled in loader preferences OS may crash after about 35 touch beeps of the touch screen.

Update Pack 2011-01-28

OS: 2011-01-28 Loader: 1.08s MB: 1.17

  • OS - Fixed problem that weight server may not work with serial communications after previous update. The weight server is moved out of the kernel and to the /mnt/nand/bin location for easier maintenance. Fixed problem with stty on startup causing on-demand communications to buffer input and require carriage return before input is accepted. This is fixed by adding "-icanon -iexten -echo -echoctl -echonl" to default options generated by stty when -Z option is used. Added startup check for /mnt/nand/cfg/boa.conf and if found it will be copied to /etc. This will allow web server port or other settings changes to be stored in nand.

Update Pack 2010-11-03

OS: 2010-10-21 Loader: 1.08s MB: 1.17

  • Loader - Updated main menu so option "3." is "Legal metrology information / Setup". When this is selected the options "1. View event counters", "2. View certificates / ID information" and "3. Setup menu" are shown. Options 1 and 2 are not password protected. Password will be prompted for option 3 on first access unless default operator is set to ADMIN.
  • Install Files - Updated CGI 'index' program and html templates to prompt for login ID and password for 825 web access. 825 operators with file manager access will be allowed. Login is maintained by use of a cookie for the current web session. When browser is exited and restarted login will be required again. Remote control page will now show "Remote control is not currently enabled on this 825" if the weight server is not running or is not configured to allow remote control connections. The CGI also now permits URL to contain full path to be specified for download files.

Update Pack 2010-10-21

OS: 2010-10-21 Loader: 1.08r MB: 1.17

  • OS - Fixed problem with weight server remote control showing blank screen and not accepting keypresses. Added feature to weight server remote control. Weight server remote control enabled can be determined by checking for existence of /tmp/wtsvr_rc_port file; when the remote control is enabled the file will contain the IP port number for remote control. Whether any clients are connected can be determined by checking for existence of /tmp/wtsvr_rc_clients file; when any clients are connected file will contain list of client IP addresses.
  • Loader - Improved ICAN diagnostics and fine span to multiply weight values by interval to show weights in calibrated weight units. Added feature to fine span cells to select multiple cells by pressing SPACE to allow multiple cells to be tweaked up or down simultaneously. Added ICAN option to show box status. DIO test will now reset outputs after test complete.

Update Pack 2010-09-09

OS: 2010-08-18 Loader: 1.08p MB: 1.17

  • OS - Fixed problem with usb keyboard driver that if key is held down when key repeat starts indicator may crash.
  • Loader - Improved ICAN setup to display a message when the NOVRAM is cleared and after a time delay go back to setup menu. This eliminates problem of the cell assignment display showing wrong number of cells if you do not ESCAPE out and go back in.
  • MnBd - Improved COM3 to allow TX enable/disable for RS485. Uses same command from main board as SetRTS.

Update Pack 2010-08-18

OS: 2010-08-04 Loader: 1.08o MB: 1.16

  • Install Files - Fixed problem with loadsrec system file may not flash loader correctly causing standard indicator to lock up "Reading Parameters". Also fixed problem with loadsrec that after flashing the OS version may be displayed as blank.

Update Pack 2010-08-04

OS: 2010-08-04 Loader: 1.08o MB: 1.16

  • OS - Update to fix touch screen beep too long.
  • Loader - Fixed problem with DAC card output level.
  • Install Files - Updated install script to prompt (Y/N) whether to perform full erase and reinstall. If no is selected the script will prompt (Y/N) for each component group to reinstall.

Update Pack 2010-07-22

OS: 2010-07-21 Loader: 1.08m MB 1.16

  • OS - Fixed problem that appmenu was no longer able to perform autorun to automatically start an application after a specified number of seconds.
  • Loader - Improved “Update Software Menu” to show warning message before existing OS is erased (Continue Y/N?).

Update Pack 2010-06-28

OS: 2010-06-28 Loader: 1.08k MB: 1.16

  • OS - Improved mndb-comm driver. Added support for ICAN and DAC cards. Added queuing to help prevent apps from overrunning buffer and causing communications problems if requests are sent to main board with insufficient delay between requests. Added prompt on startup to allow updating indicator from USB.
  • Loader - Added ICAN and DAC support. Fixed problem with 12 hour mode time may show as 0:00 instead of 12:00. Improved totalizer calibration parameter prompting to allow one set of inputs to configure all scales in totalizer.
  • MnBd - Added support for ICAN cards.

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