Creating and using an nControl Ticket

This guide will walk you through the steps of creating an nControl ticket and transferring it to your Cardinal 825 indicator.

Creating the Ticket

  1. Start nControl and choose File -> New. Pick your printer type and then choose any of the 2xx series indicators from the dropdown.

  1. Create your ticket and then do File -> Export Ticket (indicator format). Save the file to a USB thumb drive. It is recommended that you do not use spaces in the filename.

Installing the Ticket

Using Filemanager ==

  1. Start the File Manager application and browse to the /mnt/flx folder where x is the usb device your ticket is on.

  1. Highlight the ticket file and press ENTER. Press Y to confirm and then press ENTER to install the ticket.

  1. Choose a slot to install the ticket to. For this guide, we will install to the standard print slot. Press ENTER.

  1. You can leave the Type and Format as the default values. Change the port by pressing [SPACE] to toggle through the available ports. Once you are satisified press ENTER.

  1. The indicator returns to the file manager. Ticket installation is complete.

Using the Transfer Utility


Below is the screenshot of the ticket printed to a terminal program. The output was captured from Truck / ID Storage.

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