Cardinal's Model 825 Spectrum Digital Weight Indicator


Complete on-screen ticket configurability, unlimited truck storage ID’s, lightning-fast digital fill control management, color-coded checkweighing operations, and up to 10 scales monitored onscreen simultaneously are just a few of the many features.

Experience the graphics, speed, color, and touch of the 825 Spectrum by watching our Demonstration Tutorial Videos.


  • 640 x 480 pixel interactive touchscreen LCD with fluorescent or LED backlight
  • Color-coded QWERTY keypad for easy data entry
  • Two ColdFire® processors and 64 MB user memory
  • Navigation keys combined with intuitive menus




Download 825 software upgrade

Click here to download the latest 825 software.

Standard Applications

Click here for Cardinal 825 standard applications.


Click here for Cardinal 825 documentation.

Remote Control

Click here to download the Remote Control program.



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