Remote Control

To enable remote control on an 825 indicator from the startup loader select "3. Legal metrology information / Setup", then "3. Setup menu". Select "2. Communication" then "1. Network". Make sure the "Web Server" and "Weight Server" prompts are set to "Yes". Press ENTER to save changes. Press the left arrow three times to return to the main loader screen. Select "1. Application menu". From the "Application Menu" select "Configuration". Select "Configure Weight Server" then "Configure TCP/IP Server". If there is a "Num: 1" "Sc: 0" "Type: Custom" The weight server is already configured. Take note of the "Port:" number. If the "Num: 1" setting shows a different "Sc" or "Type" select it and change to "Scale: 0" and "Type: Custom". If there is not a "Num: 1" item select "* Add Server *" and create it.

To connect locally (from the same wired or wifi network) the client will use the IP address that the 825 shows at the bottom of the "Application Menu". It is recommended to set the network router for "Static DHCP" (many routers use different terms for this) so that the 825 is always assigned the same IP address based on its MAC address.

To connect from the public internet it is necessary to setup port forwarding in the network router. Consult your router documentation for how to do this. In this case the client must use the public IP assigned by the internet service provider. This can be determined from a device with a web browser connected to the same network as the 825 by going to

The 825 indicator is only accessible by remote control while in the application mode. Remote control may not be used for calibration/setup functions.

PC Client Software

Java must be installed before installing the Remote Control application. Click this link to download Java.

Windows Installer Download the Cardinal 825 Remote Control application.

Linux or Mac Java Jar File This is not an installer. Copy the jar file to an appropriate location and create a link from the Desktop to run it.

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

The Cardinal RemoteWeigh app includes the ability to remote control 825 indicators.

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