Application Signing

Developers may create an application signature file to for their applications. A license file must be requested from Cardinal to identify the developer company name.

To generate an application signature after the application executable is created the "appsign" program is ran. The command line must provide the name of the application and the path of the executable. For example:

$ /srv/nfs/appsign "My App" /srv/nfs/myapp
App sign
created_by [MyCompany]
license code [xxxxxxxx]
Found [My App]
Found created by [MyCompany]
Signature file [/srv/nfs/myapp.sgn] created

Your application program must include an "About" box or similar screen display which will display the application name and your company name. In the example above this is "My App" and "MyCompany?". If the application program does not contain this the signature file will not be created and an error message will appear.

The appsign program must be ran after each change and compile of your program to regenerate the signature file. The command line may be added to Eclipse as a post build step so that it is not necessary to do this each time from a terminal window.

The appsign utility is attached to this page. Contact Cardinal to have the license file generated for your company.

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